• Firmware for 9548U3_9558U3_9548S3_3549SUSJ3_9558S3_3559SUSJ3_3559RUS3_3529SUS3-C

    Fix the problem of unrecognized of hard drive or only recognize one hard drive in Linux operating system and HD player.

  • U3HV-Series_Driver

     U3HV series integrated usb3.0 expansion, video interface expansion, Gigabit Ethernet and audio expansion in one, an ideal solution of desktop expansion.

  • ORICO UTR/UTL/UTJ-U2 100Mbps_Wired Network Card_Driver

     Support Mac air, Surface, IdeaPad yoga. Support full / half duplex mode and sleep function, more stable with cable. Built-in imported high-performance conversion chip, low power consumption, using the most widely recognized stable solution, seamless adapter  makes better compatibility,  plug and play; support most common operating systems and MAC systems, one-click installation.

  • ORICO UTR-U3/HR03_USB3.0 to Gigabit Wired Network Card_Driver

    UIC-U3 and HR03 integrated USB3.0 PHY controller, in line with USB3.0 transmission standard, compatible with USB2.0 / USB1.1, support U0 / U1 / U2 / U3 all USB3.0 power-saving mode, support USB overspeed / High-speed / full-speed mode bus power supply or self-powered equipment, automatic detection, equiped with PHY circulation diagnosis.

  • ORICO Wired Gigabit Network Card HUB_Driver

     This multi-function adapter is equipped with USB3.0 gigabit network card and USB3.0 hub, as a collection of dual-technology products, stable and easy to operate, especially favoured by the windows surface, Macbook Air, Retina and other ultra-thin notebooks and tablet Computer users of all ages.

  • ORICO PVU3-Series USB3.0 Expansion Card_Driver

     This driver supports one-button installation, enables old computer to reach the speed of USB3.0

  • PME-2U_PME-4UI_PME-4U_Driver